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It is our policy to sell only the wings and equipment that we think are great to fly with as well as being great value so all the products listed below are tried out by us and highly rated. For simplicity and in line with our ethos for straightforward service, we price our products as nice whole numbers.

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Gin have been one of the biggest paragliding brands for nearly two decades and for good reason.

Gin Bolero 5 - EN A

This is one of the nicest, best behaved first wings ever. Solid as you like but still good handling. Lots of high end features have now percolated into this high performing first wing.


Gin Atlas - Mid EN B

Proven to have great performance in a very secure wing.


Gin Sprint 3 - High EN B

Just released - a sharp looking High B.


Gin Carrera - Ultra high end EN B

Think of it as a C rated wing and you can’t go wrong... Lovely to fly - stunning clean look. Have a peep at the fun you can have with a Carrera on Mike’s great vid of me flying on Hive Beach


BGD - Bruce Goldsmith Design

BGD was set up a few years ago and has got a great reputation already - good looking and great flying wings. The striped colour scheme are rapidly becoming the trademark and stand out like anything in the air.

Adam - EN A

Adam is such a fun wing to fly. It comes up so easily and then is agile in the air, but not so much that it is unsettling. Perfect.


Wasp (‘low’ EN B)

A lovely coordinated first wing. Keeps me smiling...


Base (‘high’ EN B)

The Base has gives just the right amount of feedback - enough so you know exactly what is going on in the air but never so much that you are overloaded. Precise tight handling with lots of technology...


Cure - EN C

An amazing taut and direct top performing C class wing. Surprisingly easy on the ground and absolutely stunning looker.


Dual - Tandem EN B

If you go onto the professional forums the Dual keeps popping up as one of the favourite new tandem wings. This is the wing Andrew has chosen for his professional tandem work. It comes up a treat and is really easy to fly. The weight range is a massive 120 to 220 kg. One of the lighter tandems around as well at just 7.5kg.



Gin Airlite 2

A great airbag harness - relatively light with clever airbag for back protection.


Gin Gingo 3

The latest edition of this popular foambag harness - this time they have reduced the weight significantly.


Gin Verso

A snug and well finished reversible harness - invaluable for sites with a bit of a walk and travelling.



Charly No Limits

Stylish full face helmet with removable visor.

From £220

Charly Insider

A classic design that has been around for ages but if it is great why change it?

From £160

Plusmax Plusair

Our best seller - good protection, removable earflaps and the option of a chin-guard turning into a full face.

£80 / £120 (open/fullface)

Lazer Element

Simple clean looking open faced helmet.

From £60

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Gin Bolero 4, Gingo Harness, B-cool Helmet

Gin Atlas

BGD Tala

Plusair helmet, Airlite harness
(old model - avialable s-h)

Gin Airlite harness, Plusair Helmet

Supair AlitX harness, Hanwag boots

Airwave Gecko - available second hand